Why I see Page Loading Error?

This error usually happens as a result of the lack of Internet connection to the STB.

Firstly, you need to be sure that the Ethernet cable between your STB and the router is plugged. On the page Loading Error Screen, it will say“Ethernet Link: UP” if all is ok or “DOWN” if the Ethernet port is not connected to the router. In addition, it would be possible that your Internet connection does not work well, so you have to check whether the Internet access is available.

The LAN light on the router port which is connected to the back of your STB has to be lit. Also check the connection on the back of the STB itself, there should be 2 lights on the connection itself where the cable is plugged into the STB, one orange and the other is green. If either the light on the router or the lights on the STB ports do not lit, there should be a connection issue and it is highly recommended to change the Ethernet cable.
If even after these changes the problem still exist, the next step is to unplug both the router and STB power cables. After unplugging, plug back the router power cable at first and after two minutes plug in the STB power cable.

If your router places in one room and your STB is in another room and connected to the router via the Ethernet line, please check the lights on the sockets. If this is not lighted, the power line has lost its wireless connection to the router and you will need to reboot both the router and then the power line. Once the light is back, you have to reboot the STB too. If the light is lit and the STB is still stuck on the loading screen, you need to make sure that the power line has the LAN light on the front.

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